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He’s gone and done it, he’s banned Brian36, that’s right, "He" in charge of that forum has now banned Brian36 and for what I might say.
I’ll tell you why! Because he’s a friend of mine, that’s all, just for knowing me he’s gone and banned him from his pathetic little neurotic web site.
For those of you who are reading this particular post of mine for the first time and have no idea what I’m going on about then I will tell you.

I was a fully paid up member of a web site for six years, for the last two years or thereabouts I was second in command being an Administrator.
The reason I was promoted is there was a big fall out with the previous second in command, a member accused him of being someone else on another web site who he claimed was causing trouble with their members, I have spoken to him on that subject and he’s emphatically denied those claims.
To cut a long story short he was banned and I took his place.

It’s a local site designed for those who want to reminisce about the olde days.
But of late it’s turned into an aviation site and a train spotter’s notebook and now the big topic of the day is Allotments.

There’s two people who are dominating the site at the moment, one is a know it all type of a jerk, and then there’s one who I have met and is a really nice person, who, he as told me, would love to smack the smug slime ball know it all in the gob.

There was a consensus of opinion that a Blog section should be added to the forum so people could if they wanted write what was happening in their lives.
I started mine because at the time I had just lost my wife with cancer, it helped me to get through the loss one day at a time.

After about a year or it might have been eighteen months I decided I wanted to move house, to down size if you know what I mean. Within a year I had sold up and moved six miles away to a bungalow in Sawley.

I was still writing my blog after I had moved, but it had changed track, I was now writing about how with pictures I had transformed my bungalow from a sixties run down, to a nice up to date modern looking bungalow. See pictures in my earlier posts.
I interspersed the updates of my refurbishment of said bungalow with what I was doing in my time off [my leisure time] that’s when certain members started to moan.
There were two in particular took exception to what I was saying, these two now hardly post.
They complained that much to 'him' that he warned me that if I continued to write such words, and it was only certain words that he would take steps to demote me down to Moderator, he said my conduct on the forum wasn’t contusive with being an Administrator.
Just before I forget, the words were…[urine, old farts, lavender smelling, Zimmer frame and colostomy bags.

I refused to obey his edict and I was demoted down to Moderator, I immediately reacted and told the twat where he could shove his Moderator job. With that I was demoted yet again down to ordinary member.

I continued to do my daily blog and to use those words that I was told not to use whenever I saw fit to use them.
After several months I was told again to stop using them by 'him', I complained emphatically that he had no right to tell me not to use those words; after all they were in MY blog section.
There were several members who stuck up for me by saying if the moaners don’t like what I’m saying then don’t read the blog.
By this time I was being hounded by the moaners, they were complaining at every word I was writing, very similar thing what has been happening to Brian36.

In the end I just snapped and was banned for speaking my mind.
One member got banned for swearing at me in a post, after I got banned he was immediately reinstated, the excuse the owner used to reinstate him was, ‘he was baited by me to say what he said. ?

Just before I was banned several of my supporters changed sides, they to moaned and now one of them has taken my place as Administrator, I reckon he was told if he changed sides he would be given that job, I called him now ‘worm tongue.

Just before I stop for a coffee another friend of mine got demoted from moderator to ordinary member and hasn’t posted since, he was in his own words ‘demoted and found guilty by association.

'He' as I call him accused me of sending out threatening emails to his members, he asked all members to send to him all emails they had received from me and he as used them to bring the police to my door, not once but twice, I am on a warning now that if I contact any member of that site that they will arrest me for harassment. I emphatically deny sending out threatening emails and refused to sign a statement to that fact.
He as now accused Brian36 of basically the same thing, I have read what PMs Brian has sent to members and there’s nothing in them to warrant any action at all.
'He' is neurotic
I am wondering now if there’s any action I can take to stop this twat from sending the police to my door if I do send an email to one of his members?
Don't lets forget these are my friends too..

Bip. :thumb:
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