Wilderness Camping

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With the pulse of Morocco beating fast and strong the group make their drive along the plateaus where they head for Volubulis, a Roman provincial capital which has the best preserved ancient Roman ruins in Morocco.
All is well, the only notable vehicle point at this moment in time is that Rory managed to put 30 litres of unleaded fuel into his diesel running RV, not his fault! The pump was clearly marked diesel but delivered unleaded. This was balanced out with a mix of both and it was evident from the continuing drive that Rory now has the fastest RV in Morocco!
Arrival at Volubulis. Here the "funsters" visited the Roman ruins where they viewed stunning mosaics [such as the chariot of Amphitrite, among others] which have been left in situ. All enjoyed.
A short drive into the first of the over night wilderness camping. BBQ's emerged and a night took place in typical "funster" fashion, camp fire, food, talk, laughter, wine and more wine. The group slipped into the early hours before shutting down. Comment, "wilderness camping, what most buy their motorhomes for, but very few get to experience it, fantastic, what it's all about"!
As the funsters make their way to their beds a spectacular electric storm emerges, bright flashes throwing the black night sky into white streaks of light, all heads turned upwards. No rain emerged.
Next, the short hop to Meknes, situated on a plateau overlooking the river of Bou Iferkane the eyes cannot help but be attracted by its sheer grandeur, lets wait and see .......... Catch you later ...............
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