Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle to France

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image.jpg View attachment 65269 Well here goes for first ever blog, when I first heard of these I thought it was something caught in the thetford.
Thursday 28 May. Set off from Hampshire to Dover, got three miles down the road and had to turn back for the spare set of keys left on the hall floor so that we wouldn't forget them. Went round to the local petrol station for diesel only to find bollards across the front as they were waiting for a delivery, no fuel there then....drove up to Pickett Post garage and stopped behind some bozo that was blocking the pumps whilst he did his shopping in the garage shop and then sorting out a coffee, apparently he didn't want any fuel.....doh..
Got to Dover at 4pm but ferry slightly delayed due to illegal immigrant problems. (Lucky enough to have some shares in P&O which allows 50% discount). Uneventful quick crossing until we reach the other side..... Time for a photo...see above. Dover now employing special illegal immigrant spotters....
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