Wi Fi at Last.

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Hi all, Have finally got Wi Fi that hopefully will not drop me out halfway through blogging.
We left Almafra after a really excellent couple of months and moved on to Torrox Costa, Camping Il Pino. This site is dirty, dusty, unkempt and overpriced.
They had non existent Wi Fi, non existent hot water, very low power electric supply and the 800m from the beach was at least 2 km. they do not give the advertised discounts and simply shrug their shoulders in an all dismissing manner.
Torrox itself is a disappointment and really not worth a visit IMHO.
We had a day in Nerja however and this was lovely, what a really nice town, lovely views, nice coast and some great little bars and restaurants, we will be back to Nerja.
Travelled on through Seville and into Portugal.
Got turned away at the first two stops, Manta Rota and Falesia as the Hobby is too big they said. Ended up at Olhau, which was a very well provisioned site, good facilities and very reasonable at €18 per night with EHU, although once again the Wi Fi was very iffy.
The local town is very traditional Portuguese Fishing Town, and well worth a stopover. The locals are very diverse, very friendly and welcoming.
We had a lunch in a very small local restaurant, Debs had mixed fillets of fish, I had small stuffed squid. We had olives, bread, sardine pate, salad, cake and a beer and a wine, followed by a coffee each for €12 total. Excellent food, excellent service and so warm and welcoming. We moved on for one night to Villamora, where we met up with another Ex RAF Rugby mate of mine, we had a poolside BBQ at his Villa and got very messy lol. Villamora is beautiful but very upmarket for budget travellers!!
We have now moved onto Albufeira, we spent several nights on Parque de Palmeira, an Airre just on the edge of town, €5 a night, inc EHU, iffy Wi Fi, and hot showers, incredible value and spotlessly clean, highly recommended if you are in the area, although I know Pedros is close by.
Albufeira is split into Old Town and New Town. New town is a complete tourist area, a little Blackpool, Old Town is lovely and again definitely worth a visit.
We are currently on Camping Albufeira, pricey but a good site with full facilities including pool and restaurant etc. we are recharging our batteries ready for the next move on.
Incidentally, there is a restaurant just down the road called A Cocheira, this place is awesome, great food, great wine, great brandy!! The family that run it are warm, friendly and ultimate professionals. This is my favourite place to eat now and a full evening with wine, brandy, food etc will only cost around €20 per head. Amazing, please try it, small and fabulous.
The adventure continues, and hopefully I shall update the Blog again very soon. One last recommendation, Alentejo Region Wines are very good drinking wines and very good value, and Portugeuse Sardines are fat, tasty, cheap and very good. Cheers all.

Prawns and Sea Bass, delicious!!
Parque de Palmeira, Albufeira
Set up at Albufeira.
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