Who was the standing man?

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Despite the bad weather we did get one warm evening where we could sit out and try out our camping chairs. Notice the blue ice block under the wine bottle.

No flies on us.

The city Reims was close by and Martin had fond memories of hitching here at the age of 15 and staying at the youth hostel. We were amazed to find we could actually stay in the same place. As we had not yet figured our how to correctly programme sat nav with coordinates (there are three ways of doing it and only one way is right for your sat nav and no one tells you!) so we were once again politely deposited about two street away in a flat block carpark. We decided to leave Lenny and walk and ask.... Once again marvelling how so few people knew where they were. We tracked it down - it was huge! How could they all miss it? We were lucky enough to bag the very last available slot (out of 8) but it tested our parking skills severely.
As you can see all the others are facing backwards all ready to drive out but there was no way we could do that.
We were delighted to be so close to the centre of a city and wasted no time going out to explore. Being a sunny Easter Saturday it was very lively and busy.
We encountered a big brass calypso band straight away and bought the cd. (To try and boost our collection on board!)
The next day we tracked down a Musee de Beaux arts which had a few impressionist original paintings which we enjoyed looking at. Martin as usual protesting all the way there then really enjoying it.

The rest of the time we walked miles just soaking in the scenery and history.
Inspired by the art museum we saw we decided to drive to a local exhibition advertised by this poster
We were delighted sat nav actually got it right and we found an unlikely parking place right in the centre. Walked to the place in torrential rain . Ah - it opens at 2pm and it was only 10am.
Ah well let's relax in our motorhome and return at 2. Back in the rain four hours later, still closed. Closer look at the poster - it ended yesterday!! Lesson learned there.
However it was worth visiting this tiny place to see this intriguing statue.
Who is this standing man we wondered. It seemed to be a bus stop but the figures behind him suggest either angels or rushing men. image.jpg No plaque to help us out which makes it more mysterious.
Encountering all this art is an unexpected delight in France.
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