Whitford 3

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Well lots of big showers today. Nevertheless my manager decided we were going for a walk.
Set off to Musbury then up the hill behind the village (didn't know Everest was in Devon)
Cracking views over towards Seaton (weather not too good so not great for photos)
Then down the hill where guess what? Yep er indoors found a bigger hill to climb. :Eeek:
Cream crackered now, so had a shower and I am now sat writing my last will and testament in case I don't recover. :Eek!:

Photos:- The calf had JUST been born right on the footpath so detoured round by the farm in case we panicked her. Informed the farmer who said "arr we just pulled it out" So all was well.
The sunset was taken last night.

Off to Shepton Mallet tomorrow a CL for 2 nights then the show. CL is £2 a night :Eeek: Owner says he is not out to make money he just likes meeting people. Nice eh?

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