What a stressful day

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After researching info tegarding parking near Monaco I read on Trip advisor about a campsite at Villefranche sur mer so ask Alan to guide us there. Now there has to besomethong said in favour of the cheap truck sat nav V car Tomtom. We drive tgroufh Nice into Villefranche sur mer. No idea what happened but we ended up down really tight windy roads til we reach a car park on the front beach with a height barrier and traffic trying to come out and others queuing behind us so the road soon became gridlocked with several people getting irate at us and blasting their horns. Eventually I watch as Alan just scrapes by getting his MH round the tiny turning circle thats packed with Mbikes. Its my turn now but Vanessa is 2ft longer so no way am I going to make it. Imgetting really stressed and people seem to be amused taking photos of Vanessa and the gridlock ive caused. Im now in the F**k it frame of mind, the police will come sooner or later. After what must have been another 15mins or so later a MBike moves so with a million point turn back and forth I eventually get turned around just as the police arrive. Im hot andstressed and certainly not in the mood for jay walkers in this beach street. I see a Celebrity cruise ship in port and wish I was on it. We seem to have spent hrs travelling from Port Grimaud to nowhere as we now head back the way and find a dingy campsite in Antibes at €20.50 plus 2 for dog, no elec and no water but its convienent for trains.
We park up and Alan and I decide to go out for dinner. We arrive at the nearby restaurant but the menu is all in french and ive been stressed enough today so we leave and find another nearby restaurant that has a menu in English. Food and service was good.
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