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It has been a few good months since I took the time to do a blog.

Now at the end of the motor home season .. what a bad year it has been.. so wet and miserable. Even France was not a lot better.

My disability and Sue's hip have got worse over the year so we have decided to sell the Winnebago and get a toy hauler which is similar to what we have, but has a tail lift and would allow me to store the scooters or the power chair inside... no trailer needed then.

We went to Malvern.. again bad weather.. lost a brake calliper on the way and that took half the weekend to get fixed. But at 36 hours and 2 minutes from the recovery truck collecting the RV we had the calliper replaced and new brakes fitted and it was back on the drive.. so we headed out again to Malvern.. latest ever I have arrived at a show.. Saturday p.m. Which I had not bothered.

Field was as far if not further away ... seems the success of MHF has cost us in that we are put as far away as possible from the event. We in the future will have to book disabled parking as we find the distances to far even for the power scooters. Also it was a shame so many of the MHF members with RV;s had deserted us and gone to camp with another club. Did we say something wrong? Is it the wrong aftershave? But a shame so many had jumped ship. Still it meant we meet some newer members of MHF with europeans (honest I have no problems with Europeans.. even although I give them stick on the forums).

At the moment I am being plagued with idiots and time wasters ... the RV is on a number of different mediums for sale... I started off at £27,500 and we are now at £19,999

I have of course removed a mass of gear that was included in the various higher prices I have had it up for. The lower you get the worse the time wasters become.

Lots of appointments and no shows and yes silly offers no one would take. I am not in a forced sale situation... we have today winterised the RV.. and put it to bed until next spring when we will try and sell it again.. but the £19,999 has now gone out of the window.. back to a sensible £22,500 without the goodies. The goodies are up for sale separately ..did not realsie just how much we had.. Having to unload the RV has been real hard work as we have now done it twice. First time was when we had sold it for £24,200 with the goodies.. took a no refundable £500 deposit.. A case of Lemonade money Champaign taste.. that sale fell through. So we have just unloaded it for the second time. And the last I might add. If someone buys the goodies they can load them up themselves.

Ezzie is well, and now 6 1/2 years old.. has the odd eye issues and is not walking as far any more.

Me? getting old, but are we not all in that boat. Spending a lot of time at hospitals for tests (tummy issues) .. SWMBO or Sue is having a lot of issues with the hip and they will not operate ... more weight has to be loss.. so next year maybe.

Next year we are doing some different things.. we have a trip booked to South Africa .. back to Cape Town again... plus a small cruise to Norway and also a road trip next March in Arizona in the USA.. just need to be fit for them all.

I still post as often as always on MHF.. noticed I had clocked up 6,000 post so far...what do I find to say? I stopped posting on RVOC as I felt it was not for me. I prefer the banter with the European owners.

Oh well another year nearly past.

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