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Had a nice walk around the war museum and a stroll along the beach in Dunkirk. Dropped my phone and it smashed and broke so had to use mums. Still undecided where to go but decided to head to Belgium. We arrive at the aire in Tournai only to find its taken up by a carnival but there is a makeshift one close by so all good. The weather is raining so it's just like being back in Glasgow :-(


Indecisive me has changed my mind again and in search of sun we head south and arrive some hrs later at Reims. The aire is full so we head another half hr south. Arrive at the sire to be metcwith anither carnival but we park up closeby along yhr river.

We head to Dijon. I'm hoping to get my mobile phone fixed here. The aire is closed so we go into campsite. 20 euros a night for 2mhs on one large pitch. Well chuffed. A cycle into Dijon and we find the mobile phone shop but it's closed. :-( aah well back to the MH for some wine and a BBQ :)


A cycle into the city followed later by a walk to city and some 200 euros later I now have a working phone. Almost the cost of a new one but hey I needed it working so had to pay. The oldies have walked well today. Now to sit and see where we decide to get off to tomorrow.
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