Wednesday 24th February

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It was a good night last night we really did enjoyed the dancing.
It’s only been four months since I started to dance and I reckon I’ve picked it up well.
The waltz and Quickstep are coming along just fine.
I’ve learnt six sequence dances and three or four line dances.
The beers not to bad either at the two regular venues we attend.

Today I’ve had a visit from the old bill.
The bill payer of the site I was banned from as reported me for sending unwanted emails to him, it’s ridiculous, I told the two visitors to stop wasting my time and theirs.
The copper told me if I don’t stop sending emails to him I might get arrested for harassment.
The copper wrote out a statement in the coppers words and wanted me to sign it, I refused…

Tonight is a night in for both of us, I’m off to the offy later to buy a nice bottle of wine, I normally have a few bottles in but of late I haven’t been replacing the ones we drink.

As I can only upload five pictures at a time you will have to be imaginative with my kitchen refurbishment…. pictures below.


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