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No, I havent bought a ticket for a train journey to some outward part of the emerald isle. I am the proud 3rd owner of a CI Carioca 625 05 with less than 10,000 on the clock. Didnt think we make the move from caravanning to motorhoming until the mortgage was over however 2 years earlier than planned and it arrived less than 48 hours after a hassle free ebay encounter.
The van has exrtas such as a solar panel trickle charger, TV/DVD player which is attached to the reversing camera and zip sides to make the canopy an awning.
We have so far done another ebay purchase for a couple of the smaller gaslow cannisters with joining pipes and need to get hold of a filler in the next couple of weeks with £58 (no not ebay) being the cheapest I can locate so far.
After that its up on the roof for some solar panels and probably around the 100 watts I am reckoning as most likely use is weekends then 3 or 4 weeks down surfing in this country.
Managed to get the hook up on last night so the electrics work and might get round to putting some water in tonight.
The plan was to go to Shepton Mallet show this weekend however a family near emergency may have put the kyboshers on our virgin trip.
This family of virgins consists of daddy, a surfer bodyboarder and powerkite flyer. Mummy, a bodyboarder and spectator. Daughter number 1 aged 18 this month, surfer bodyboarder diva and WAG. Daughter number 2 aged 15 this month, bodyboarder kite flyer drama queen and the intelligent one.
Apart from buying stuff from Ebay I have managed to get hold of a Cadac easi chef from the car boot for £30 but think now that I could have done with the lid but the whole thing is basically brand new still in the bag. I think he must have used it once and just not bothered to wipe off the grease so got it for a song really.
Just in case you hadnt noticed I should have added that bargain hunting was also a hobby of mine.
We are ex caravanners but really we just bought a caravan and left it at the same site in Newquay for the past 10 years so i dont think you really count us among that number.
Thought I would try the blog on here as never done anything remotely close to this and have been lurking here without even a "Hello" and as I havent seen anybody bite anyone yet it seemed harmless to me and hopefully over the course of motorhoming informative to others.
Looks like I might have to make do with the driveway on my long weekend off or maybe drag number 2 down to Weymouth or Chichester. Oops forgot to mention we are on the Surrey/Hants border sort of near the traffic jam which used to be referred to as Hindhead. Still they appear to be on course to finish it within a couple of years to assist with my peace and quiet.
Nearly forgot. Also managed to get hold of those "get yourself unstuck yellow things that go under the wheels when youre at Glastonbury" for £10 for 4 twin sets which I think was tantamount to robbery but he seemed happy (another car booty purchasement)

I ought to now say "Hi" to all members and hope to blog some more and presume you can add photos under the manage attachments thingymajig at the bottom which I ll try later at home if number 2 isnt solving DNA riddles for the good of humnity.
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