Vilanova Golf Special - 29 Sep 10

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Vilanova Golfing Special

29 Sep 10

Forget the Ryder Cup – Bill got a Hole-in One!!!!

(but Shirl beat him in the match)

We won a free round of golf at the Par 3 Pitch and Putt near to Vilanova Campsite – Portal Del Roc.:Wink:0

So today we packed our clubs up in Smartie and played a round of 18 holes. A very picturesque course with tricky Par 3’s all round. A bit of water for mum to splash into as well.

Anyway, we set off and mum was 3 up after nine holes!

But I came storming back and on the 15th hole took the lead with a magnificent 95 yard Hole in One!

The bloke on the next hole who we had just let through thought I was mad as I did a lap of honour around the tee shouting and screaming –Hole In One! Then I remembered that you are supposed to buy a round of drinks at the bar – so I shut up pretty quick.

Great shot with a nine iron, pitched about 10 feet from the hole and rolled in. Plop!:Cool:

Brilliant. Also Mum went round in 65 shots which is only 11 over!!!! 63 would have been very good.

Now I might be able to join the hole in one club?:Eeek:


M and D

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