Vilanova - Day 216 - 4 )ct 10

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Vilanova 2 – Day 216 – 4 Oct 10

or Little Denmark (there are loads of Danish wags and caravans here.)

Hi Clo

Been here a fortnight now and the weather is starting to settle down. Sunny and warm most days. Mum has been into Barcelona and we went into Vilanova last night for a wander and a visit to the shitshop. Got loads of good stuff again. Then we dropped into a few bars and had a few tapas or tapes as the call them here.

Tomorrow we are going into Barcelona via bus and train and will meet up with the Spanish people we met in Pisa. They have kindly invited us to lunch – Paella – yummy!

Extra report in Catalan by way of Google Translate so that our Catalan friends can understand it – I hope!

The temperature has dropped dramatically. Monday morning and it's only 18C at noon! Brrrrrr!

There’s a General Strike in Spain on Wednesday -29th- which means we are basically confined to camp as all workers and shops and transport will be at a standstill and the Spanish will be revolting!

We drove up to the golf course by the campsite and had an enjoyable round. (see previous entry).
Today we are going by bus and train to Sitges and Garraf . 2 little seaside towns that Mum wants to see.

Sitges was very nice. Had a good lunch and walked along the front. Nice beach and nice feel to it. The old town is good as well, so we will revisit next week and take Sue and Ann there, when they pitch up, for a Tapas and a shop. Garraf was just a small port for rich people to store their yachts.

However, the barking dogs are beginning to get us down. :Sad:There is a compound just outside the camp and the dogs just do not stop barking and howling – for hours on end. Especially in the night and early morning. It's seriously affecting our sleep. We have complained to the management and they say that there is nothing that they can do. They are fully aware of it and so are the police. I would have thought that European noise abatement laws would have sorted it out. We could move but the pitches at the other end of the camp are not so good. We might have a look to see if there is one suitable. Other than that, we will move on to Benicassim. We need to tell Sue about the noise.:Eek!:

We are moving in the morning to a pitch lower down the park and away from the bloody dogs. I cannot understand how the people who run the dog compound can stand it, let alone allow it to happen. It's appalling.:cry:

Never mind, by this time tomorrow we’ll be settled again – dog free! And I really don't want to hear any doggie people commenting saying it's all part of camping life! It isn’t! We are entitled to a bit of peace and quiet to sleep in. End of!

New pitch is fine. Nearer to the facilities and on a corner where everyone passes by, so Mum is happy when people stop for a chat. Another Burnley supporter stopped yesterday and we exchanged footie tales! Clarets are everywhere!

Off to Barcelona again tomorrow on the train. Have a more relaxed look at the port area. Mum might do a museum whilst I do a bar! Today is a quiet day – tidying out the garage to make room for vino from Lidls on Monday, washing, reading and waiting for footie results!

Good result at Millwall. Kept awake until 0100 by disco pounding out. We are told that this is a regular occurrence – even out of season. Local Spanish staying in mobile homes/huts.

Trained it into Barcelona again today (Sun 3rd) for a look round the Ramblas and Port areas. Lots to do and see. Got some Christmas pressies as well for someone!

Long trip home again as finding the train was difficult from Passeig De Gracia as the signposting is odd. Just missed the bus so didn’t get home until 1900. Long day and barking dogs to look forward to! I’m actually having to take sleeping pills to get some kip!:Eek!:

Anyway, all for now. Lidls later.


M and D

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