Update on travels

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Well I never realised it had been so long since I made an entry on my blog!

We did go to Manston again this year and had a great time even though the wind was blowing a gale and there was torrential rain :BigGrin:

We did make one mistake on a day when it was dry and that was to open the awning. Crikes as we were checking it the wind caught it and broke one of the support arms! Damn it must remember not to play around with the awning in bad weather.

Got a new one and now all in working order again.

The trailer came into its own of the Christmas period when our boiler indoors decided to pack up and we had no central heating or hot water.

Neighbours could see us disappearing round the side and into the trailer with bath towel in hand as we used the hot water in the trailer for a shower - must have looked funny considering we had 20" of snow on the ground. :Rofl1:

Now the snow has cleared and Christmas has departed we have already booked up our Easter break at Parc Verger and are looking forward to a peaceful and fun break with Bob & Di again.

Oh for more time to do more travelling!
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