Two weekends away in Van.

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Not a great deal to report even though it’s been nice the last few days.
I’ve decided to dig my back garden lawn up, Diezel my boxer has ruined it by watering it at every opportunity, where he’s squirted his bladder I now have bear patch’s it’s looking a right mess. Shall be digging it up and putting down stones with a nice edging. See picture below….

Rang the skip hire place up the other day for them to remove the skip I have had standing on my drive well before Christmas, they said they are busy and can’t give me a day or a time when they will come to collect, its just to bad if they come while I’m out in my partners car, they won’t be able to take it while my car is parked in front of said skip.

My partners friend who I refer to as a ‘conjoined twin’ went on Plentyoffish dating site to find herself a compatible man, pity the bloke who next dates her.
I had to fill out her profile and put a couple of pictures on.
Today she rang my partner to tell her to tell me to take her off.
This woman doesn’t know what she wants; she’s like a butterfly, flitting from one flower then to the next. One minute she telling us she’s lonely and the next she’s telling us she doesn’t want a companion; she really doesn’t know what she wants.
She’s a natural blonde, very active, slim and doesn’t shut up talking.
She owns her own three bed roomed semi and drives a new Honda Civic R.
Anyone interested just contact me with picture.

Off up to Oldham on Friday morning to visit my partners son and her brother then over to Wigan and then onto Southport for a few days by the seaside.

The following weekend we are taking my partners two grandchildren ‘twins’ to Winthorpe on the lancs coast [near Skegness] for them to stay a week with their granddad and his wife, we shall stay the night there and then move on up the coast to Mablethorpe or to Ingoldmells and come back late Sunday evening or Monday morning.

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