Tuesday 23rd February

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As promised yesterday some pictures of the demolition of me garage.
It wasn’t built very well and the door never fitted.
A blind person I reckon built the six-foot extension on the back, hence its demise.

The boxer dog you see in some of my pictures was my wife’s dog.
She wanted another Boxer after my son went out and bought one, before then, she as I thought was happy not to have another dog after losing to a heart attack a twelve-year-old Larsa Apso.
There had been a five-year interval between us having another dog and the last one dieing, I personally didn’t want her to have another, I could have lived without one but the wife couldn’t, she loved animals.
The strain of not having one was too much for her and so when my son went out and bought one the lead broke so to speak.
Before him we had had a boxer before, the wife had one as a child and we had one just after we got married, that boxer died from a brain tumour.

The owning of this dog is a little complicated, I said right from the start I didn’t want anything to do with him or of his training, she paid for his food, she cleaned up after him and she took him out for walks, paid all vet bills and so on.
She agreed all that, and that’s the way it was for eighteen months, until my wife took ill with cancer.
After she died I had to take over obviously, I wouldn’t want to be without him now, he’s a brilliant dog, well trained and with a placid nature, I feel I couldn’t have got through all the pain and loneliness one feels after losing a partner without him, he’s been my rock and he will be missed when he has to leave for that big kennel in the sky.
Will I have another after him?
Time will only tell.

At the moment he sleeps under the table in the van whenever I take the Van.
He’s quite happy there, I never hear a sound out of him while travelling, occasionally he will show his face at the front so as to say ‘where are we dad? And then goes back under the table.
When we stop for a drink then I will put him on a long rope so as he can come and go as he wishes but then again that depends where we have stopped.

Yesterday’s pork lunch was beautiful crackling was done to perfection.
I’m in charge again today of lunch, this time I’m doing a chicken stir-fry; the chicken is at the moment marinating in Teriyaki sauce.
My ‘Partner’ is out again today, this time she’s out with her conjoined twin as I call her; they are in Derby picking material for the brides dress, my Partners daughter is getting married for the second time.

Its one of our dance nights tonight, we are at Basford Miners welfare.
I joined a couple of weeks ago, my ‘Partner’ was already a member and so was her conjoined twin so I thought I might as well be too.
I refer to my ‘Partners’ friend as ‘Conjoined, that’s only because she is ever phoning her and asking my ‘Partner to call around for a chat.

Even though the date of this posting is 24th February I wrote this out on the 23rd.


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