scrapjack Jun 22, 2011
I've been down the route you propose and it was great to see the Millau bridge, however, I've more frequently used the route via Limoges - the first part being the same, i.e. via route N154. Be aware though that fuel is a bit scarce for the last bit of the run to Orleans.
This year I plan on using the same first part of the route to Chartres then on the N10, stopping at Poitiers and Bordeaux, then the A63 before branching out and crossing the Pyrennes via the Somport Tunnel. You would then have a good run to Valencia and Benicasim. This route should reduce the toll charges and if the tunnel is closed for some reason then it is still not that much further to continue on the A63 and inland from San Sebastian. You will also find the mileage is similar as well.
Trust this helps. Scrapjack:Smile: