Travels of the Vazulagon

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You have to name a motorhome. Usually, like ships, they seem to be female. I said to one of the children, we need a name for the motorhome and the reply came "Pippin". Then one of the others said no when she heard the name Pippin. So, delegated to come up with another name, she came up with Vazulagon. It's derived from the mis-pronunciation of Vuvuzela and doesn't exist on Google. Give it a few days and this post should be a GoogleWack, then.

Right now, I need to sort out the brakes and get it weighed before we go away in a few days. No point in finding it is too close to its weight limit for comfort once we set off. I'm still not sure if I'm spoilt by having a Merc Vito with discs all round and 21st century technology brakes or whether the Vazulagon does need some attention. Mind you, if it weighs anything close to the limit at the weighbridge I phoned, its poor braking would be no surprise. "Hello, is your weighbridge open to the public and can I bring a vehicle along?" "So long as it's less than 30 tons" :Eek!: It better had be.
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