To day I am cooking (yes I am a man)

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As Sue (the boss) is doing one of her two days part time for the NHS..left home 06.15 and gets back at around 6.30 tonight - two long days represent half hours these days. Anyway as usual I digress as any of you that read my blogs is not to hard for me to do.

So on Tuesday evenings and Wednesdays I have control of the kitchen and do the evening meal. I specialize in chili and other things from distant shores.. I love Mexican, Jamacian and TEX-Mex food, but will have a go at almost anything and if I do say my self I make a mean loaf of bread (no bread machine for me).

Tonight it is a mince based crumble with lots of tomatoe and cheese and also Jamacian peas and rice is on the stove. Now Jamcian Peas has no peas in it? just a few different beans like kidney beans. Three fine chooped up bell peppers, onion and mushrooms and of course rice, add the coconut milk, a good sprinkle of curry powered and crushed dried chilli's (run out of fresh)... some black and white peper and sea salt and then cook - boiling the beans that have soaked over the last 24 hours for 20 minutes before it all gets cooked in one pot. So (just checked it is OK as on the low heat now)....

Anyway I am domesticated, well trained after 33 years. I know how to work the cooker, the dishwasher (no I do not do washing machines).

I have noticed when out in the RV I do a lot of cooking with the Cobb unit, now that I like far better than a BBQ.

This afternoon I will do the sweet bread - with fuit in it and that will do well with some butter toasted for supper.

Just another boring day for the husband that is at home most of the time.. that and posting on this site.:RollEyes:
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