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I'm sitting in the Galaxy with the heating going, hot water... well - hot, and the bathroom tap replaced and gently issuing water!

Over the last week, I've gradually gotten used to the van on the drive, but without working water or heat, it's not much more than an expensive cold wendy house. Two engineers from the dealers arrived at just after nine this morning and without accepting a drink got to work. In twenty or so minutes it was done and they were on their way again. I stepped into the van and tried out the water and after opening the gas valve, the heating. There were a few clicks from the boiler, a little woof and the air began to blow, first cool, then gradually warm.
I had a little shiver of excitement. I'd almost forgotten why we'd bought the van. It's all about getting away - getting out of the house and away from it all. Having the repair done has reminded me about all that and I'm suddenly excited again about using the Motorhome.

Our neighbour has just knocked on the van door and handed me a load of accessories. Two small solar panels, an awning bungee, awning skirt for a safari room and a clothes dryer. The solar panels are handy. I'll be able to use them to stop the leisure batteries from dropping too low if we don't use the van for any length of time.

So next stop - the first test!
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