Time for a sort out

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The weekend of my 65th went exceedingly well - far too much to drink on Saturday and took most of Sunday to recover, but now I'm working part time so had the Monday off - chance to have a good sort out in Rosie and do a few odd jobs.

First task was to completely empty all the cupboards and see exactly what the previous owner has left us. It looks more and more as though he has completely given up on motorhoming - the van was clean and well looked after, but he clearly has taken an absolute approach and just sold her with everything still aboard except bedding. Far too many plates - 12 for heaven's sake! Four corkscrews, three gas lighters, a dozen toilet rolls - the list is endless and even includes two rolls of wrapping paper left in one of the overhead cupboards.

So - I've had a good sort out and left onboard only what we'll need, and repacked and redistributed everything. Pots and pans were in the lowest cooker compartment, where they rattled dreadfully - transferred these to a cupboard, and rationalised the remainder of the storage. Hopefully, we now know where everything is.

Fitted the new Carbon Monoxide monitor - it's at high level on the side of the tall clothes cupboard, not 150mm from the ceiling as recommended, but close to ideal position I feel. Refixed the wall clock - the adhesive hook had failed whilst in storage for the past two weeks, I replaced the hook with several double sided sticky pads - too late I've realised that at some stage we'll have to change the battery which will mean new pads.

A job to be done is to replace the shelving in the high level cupboards - each has a shelf which is made from very thin plywood and is bending under very little load, and has a plastic front trim glued on which has come adrift. I'll remove the shelves when I lay up for winter and use them as templates for some in more substantial plywood.

Still planning on at least one more trip out this season - current contenders are Kendal or Keilder Water - last weekend in October will be our first opportunity, due to other commitments. Mental note - question on the forums as to recommended sites at Keilder.

Rosie is having her timing belt and water pump replaced today - peace of mind on that front anyway. I'll pick her up from storage either Friday or Saturday, for use on Sunday at the big colonial breakfast event if needed, and a continuation of the internal sort out. Below seat cupboards and driving cab need a clear out.
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