The Snow Birds

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The Snow Birds
December 2007 – March 20008

This is the progress of Keith & Jeans travels South for winter 2007/08. As the house has not sold yet we decided to bog off & leave the agents to it. The Park Home is being built as we travel so when we get home it will be all systems go............ if the house has sold.

Pics will be loaded in our album on this site. As we travel I will update this blog so come back & check on our progress.

December 7
We left home in the afternoon, earlier than planned due to a poor weather forecast.
Stayed at Boroughbridge camp site for the night & had a good meal at a pub at Roecliffe, a small village just a short walk away.
December 8
Heading down through the improving weather we arrived at the Golden Lion pub in Luddlesdown near Gravsend.
Pleasant company & a quiet night, although Dover was closed due to the wind so we are not sure if we can get the ferry tomorrow.
December 9
Drove to Dover via Tesco for provisions ready for the trip through France, & the ferries were running OK. Bedded down for the night on the Calais ticket car park, in a howling gale. So much for trying to miss the worsening weather that was forecast.
December 10
The first stage through France was OK & good time was made as far as St Maur de Touraine South of the French city of Tours, where we knew of a spot to stay the night.
December 11
After a cold night (we were warm enough in the van) we left in glorious sunshine, the problem being we were heading South so it was in our eyes until it rose a little higher in the sky.
December 12
Close to Toulouse we found another spot to stay but the someone had a dog that could not stop barking at the slightest noise, so a somewhat disturbed night.
December 13
The day dawned bright & clear after another cold night. Arrived on the French Mediterranean coast by lunchtime so had a good look round for a place to stay. Luecate on the coast had a huge car park right by the beach, so that suited us fine. The sky had been clear all day & gave us a terrific sunset but an annoying wind that kept us cool..

December 14
The day started clear again & the wind had dropped…this is what we came for, sun & warmth. We headed along the coast road which turned out to be very slow & winding though the views are spectacular. Jean doesn’t take too well to his type of road although I love it. Once on the straight once more we tried to find camp sites we had been told were open in the winter. Wrong, we visited a few but then gave up & headed for one we knew was open at LesTartit.
December 15
We are now on the camp site at L’estartit (Lestrit), so we will stay over Christmas & New Year. Unfortunately the weather has taken a turn for the worst, raining & cold

December 16
Better today & hopefully for the future. We don’t get up to anything exciting once we settle on a camp site so nothing happening at the moment just settling in
Didn’t do anything special except we had a bottle of Champers to celebrate. Weather still changeable but warmer than UK.
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