The Snow Birds Part two

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Part two
Christmas Eve
Weather now improving with great sunny days, just what we came here for & it makes the drive worthwhile.

Just got up Christmas day to clear Blue sky after an excellent dinner last night. Plenty of wine and good food made for a good night.
The owners here are very friendly & look after us very well, not the cheapest camp site but we like it here and it’s not crowded, unlike the Algarve and the South of Spain

Hired a car for a few days between Christmas & new year & explored the area a little. The weather is still good although cold at night, but hey, whose complaining.

January 31
New Year was a bit quieter for us, not wanting to be up late (getting old is a bugger) so we had the night in. The other campers celebrated 2 new years, one Spanish & at 1 o’clock UK new year

January 4
Now moved to Peniscola, 200 Km South, hoping for better weather. It is already warmer by a couple of degrees & we have good weather once more.

Hired a car for another few days to once more explore the area & investigate other campsites for our onward travel & future reference.

For anyone interested in these the following information may be useful, although these are our personal observations, others may disagree.

Bennicassim is a very big site close to the town & super markets, Mercadonna and Lidl being in walking distance. Easy access to the pitches even for an RV, & there were some pitched there on the day we visited. The site has many of the metal frames the Spaniards erect for summer shade, but overall a good site & one of the CCC rally sites.

Monomar at Moncofa is the same except it’s not close to town although not too far away. Much less busy than Benicassim & may be much quieter with no main roads close by.

Playa Tropicana at Alcossebre is once again of a similar description not near to the town but within walking distance. The best thing here is beach access is directly across the service road & this is quiet.

Overall we were impressed with the sites we visited.

Not decided which will be our next stop, watch this space if you want to know.

This are of the Costa Del Azahar is we find quite nice in a Spanish way & during our car hire we took a trip up the Ebro (river) valley. This is a huge river that runs almost the length of Spain starting from the mountains North of Madrid. By the time it reaches this coast it is a large body of water flowing through hills & gorges before entering the sea North of Valencia.
The drive up to Mora is a spectacle you should not miss if you find yourself in the area. There is also a large delta are we did not visit, maybe next time.

January 14
The last two weeks have been great, with sunny weather building up our tan. But today it rained during the night & morning, driving the Spanish indoors, even the weekly market was none existent. I write this at 5pm & the sun is out once again, back with clear blue skies.:BigGrin::BigGrin::BigGrin:
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