The road to owning an MH can be bumpy

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Having spent more years than i can remember researchng and pondering what motorhome to buy we finally took the plunge. An American RV, a 1999 7.5mt Tiffin Allegro 34ft single slide diesel puller.

Eventually the day arrived for the collection, 15th August what an exciting day, I booked a taxi (£200) to take us to collect from a dealer near Bath.

My 78 year old mother who has early stage Alzheimers lives with me so it was just as easy to book a taxi and take her and the 2 Cockers with me. In fact part of the reason for buying was to be able to take relatively easy holidays.

We picked the RV up and after a goodly amount of time of handover we set off back home, took about an hour to get used to the size of the RV but after that it was cruise on and away we go.

I thought i would be able to park it on the drive for the first night and take to the storage on the Sunday. Hmmmm! my calculations were a little off and the overhang from my drive was a little more than subtle.:Doh: Thankfully the owner of the storage site opened up for us and all was OK.:thumb:
During the following week we spent each evening taking all the obligatory bits and pieces down and sorting out the RV for use, first trip August bank holiday up to Cambridgshire.

Weekend before went to pick up the RV and bring home for a few hours to sort out water etc. Arrived outside the drive put it in reverse, nothing would not move, tried Drive also would not move, neighbour came out and noticed hydraulic fluid on the floor underneath. Then the fun started, called the breakdown number on my insurance, they sent the AA, who stood there and looked at it with a wry grin and said, 'they told me it was a campervan, its a truck' so off he went and eventually a very larg tow truck arrived, spent what seemed an age giving it a front lift to tow only to find the breaks were locked (turns out to be a safety feature in the event of hydraulic fluid leak), so off he went and eventually some 5 hours after breaking down a low loader turned up, got us to a garage and we got back by just after midnight.

Well needless to say August bank holiday came and went and we were still at home. Upshot is I returned the RV and got my money back, at least it broke down at home and not whilst driving up the M11 with mother and dogs etc etc.

I have now just paid the final balance on a fairly new (ex Demo) Elnagh Baron 46 6 berth European MH. I suppose a bit more of a sensible size although you do get one hell of a mothrohome with an RV and I was quite sorry to see it go:cry:. Plan is to possibly trade up to a new smaller RV in the next couple of years, finances willing.

Had to postpone the 2 weeks to the Dordogne which with any luck we will now take at the end of October, first trip should be the NEC so hopefully all will happen this time around, we will see!!!:Eeek:

Well fingers crossed Tuesday 29th is the big day - AGAIN - can't wait

Will update as things as we go
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