The purchase - plan 'A', plan 'B'

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We sold our Advantura shortly after my stint at Sizewell 'B' construction site ended, in 1995. It had fulfilled its intended purpose as a home away from home for the 3.5 years I was there, and now we really had to let it go, principally as we have a terraced house and the parking is very restricted - no drive, and the space at the rear some 2" wider than the van with the gate posts removed!

Plan 'A' though was to purchase another van when I retire, and we downsize to a smaller property with a drive. However, the best laid plans, etc. - recently I decided to do another year part time rather than retire fully - we won't be moving house just yet but the storage fees don't look so daunting with salary and pension income for the next year - so the decision was taken to buy now, and get another year of enjoyment - plan 'B' was born.

First step was to join a motorhome forum and get some advice - after a false start (no names, no pack drill, but a dreadful interface that ate my first carefully drafted post) I found - just what I needed.

So - advice sought and received, vans viewed - we settled on a Compass Avantgarde 400RL bought privately and locally. After a few problems with finance ( the tax free lump sum hasn't landed yet) we are sorted and we collect the van tomorrow - we'll spend the day learning how everything works and equipping her with bedding, utensils, cutlery etc. - then Saturday night our first small venture - a camp site on the North Yorks moors some 40 minutes drive away, for one night only - can't wait!
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