The ksebruce nutters trip to Scoterland

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Day 1

Right let's get something straight before we start. nutters. Some may say Steph is not a nutter? Think about it, she married me! Nuff said.

Right set off about 0800 arrived safely in Killin at 1430. Climate? It was weathering down when we left Carlton in Cleveland but as we hit the Edinbugger by pass it turned tropical Well it stopped raining.
Clachan site is good, lots of hardstanding and also some discount pitches if you don't want leccie. With leccie it cost us £65.10 for 7 nights. No showers or toilets though, not that it matters to us.
Journey up was good apart from the rain. Passing through the Trossachs was beautiful. Reminded me of the legendary Mr Connely who said, "Ahh the mountains and the glens and bonnie wee Morag"
All set up now managed to get a pitch among the trees where we could lock onto Sky. T'interweb is good too on our 3 dongle getting HSDPA much to my surprise.
Hokey will sign off for now as SWMBO has meal nearly ready but will try to update each day.

Day 2

Easy day today had a walk into Killin about 1 1/2 miles. Nice little town, a little touristy but nevertheless pretty. Falls Of Dochart were very pretty photos below. Weather great sunny and bright. Will go in again tomorrow and do a walk from the town. Steph got a cold so took it easy today. 1930 now and the weather has turned very Scottish, it is weathering down. Never mind forecast not bad for tomorrow. :thumb:

Day 3

Set off to walk away from Killin to see if we could get ono the hills on one side or Loch Tay on the other. No chance, fences and padlocked gates all the way along.
So came back into Killin and walked the old railway to Loch Tay.
Round trip about 6 miles.
A few access signs for walkers would be a help in this area and would not cost much.
If we came again we would pay the extra and stay at the Magowan site in Killin as there are plenty of walks from there. As it is we have 3 miles round trip just to get to Killin and back.
Also the only way is along the A827 and it is quite narrow with some bad bends. I think every idiot in Scotland was using it today. Very dangerous to walkers.

Piccie of Loch Tay:-

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