The Grand Opening Meet

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Been looking forward to this one for a while now. The meet just kept growing as everyone was caught up in the excitement of a new forum and its first big meet. We gave a lot of thought to what we might be able to do to ensure that the meet was a success. Conscious of the fact that motorhomers are by their very nature an independent bunch and if anything like me, they resent any form of "organising" The only rule we decided upon was that there were no rules, everyone free to do as they pleased throughout. So with this in mind we thought about the best way to organise a meet with any "organising"

With numbers of individual attendees reaching 50+ I knew if we did not have a central point to congregate then the group would fragment into smaller groups which rather defeats the object of having a big get together in the first place. A commercial grade 6 by 4 metre Party marquee was purchased and became the focal point of the meet and solved any segregation issues that might have been. Lit up with 6 bulbs and party lights supplied by Suzy and Bryan it became the meet cafe by day and bistro/pub by night.

The meet was a huge success, and it seemed people were reluctant to leave on Sunday not wanting the party atmosphere to end. It was really nice putting faces to names with no-one coming anywhere near to looking like I imagined them to be, with them probably thinking much the same about me :Smile:

The feedback I have received has been very positive so we really do not leave it too long before we do it again. A big thank you to all those that helped with the marquee, I am sure we will get quicker at erecting it as we have more practise. A big thank you to everyone who turned up and joined in the fun, you were great.

This pic was taken just outside the party tent, early on Saturday Evening, half of us in the tent and these hardy souls partying outside. It was a warmish evening early on but by dark it turned much colder and everyone moved inside, glad of the heater that new member "Stew" had kindly loaned us.

This was just part the Sunday Morning mess I woke to. Evidence of a good time being had was everywhere. With help from the poor relations (who were up and about because they were cold, power cut) and with Suzy directing from inside her RV we managed to clean up, and as people woke and wandered over to the tent the stage was clean and set for a further ten hours of coffee, cake and chat.
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