The final leg from The Snow Birds

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March 2
Our last month away & we are moving North into France. Our first stop at Trebes ,is an aire on the canal, the canal du Midi, running from Bordeaux to Marseille.

A very pleasant place to stop overnight.

March 3
The next stop is a small town going by the name of Saint Gery on the banks of the river Lot. By ourselves by the river with only the sound of the weir for company. The following morning Jean sat in bed watching a woodpecker banging away at the tree over the camper….magic.

March 4
On to a camp site near Limoges, Camping Park Verger, run by an English couple building their site that should be even better when they get finished, but they have some way to go yet.
A beautiful village in a beautiful part of France.

Why do we pay so much for Mistletoe?
There is loads of it on the French trees

March 8
We are now getting further North with each day. We are not rushing and enjoying the pleasant countryside with quite nice weather.

As we near the end of this years experience one starts to look back our time away from the UK.
The weather, being one of the important elements has come up trumps this year. With sunny weather from December to the end of February, with only the few days of rain, we feel it has been an exceptional winter. This has been echoed by locals who also told of much worst winters in the past.

Our travels have been much less than in previous years but none the less enjoyable for that. We have concentrated more on seeing more of the areas we visited rather than covering greater distances.

Our major disappointment is as we took so long coming home through France our Tan has faded!!
Now in Ashford Kent & soon to be joining the Funsters at Newark
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