FunnyFendt Jun 7, 2015
Hi huggies,
Well we got the AA breakdown via the phone to direct us to one of their local garages (not the one from elamessa but many thanks anyway). Managed to drive to it which was up a tiny incline with a right angle turn at the top, why are most French garages like that anyway?. Thought I would be ok with my French as before we came away I had watched several Pink Panther films and caught up with the back episodes of 'allo 'allo
How strange that the garage man was not called Clouseau or even kato but he was a nice man, a very nice man, a very very very nice man. Diagnosed a rear tyre problem causing transmission rumble to the front and as we are not totally sure of the age of the tyres we opted to have all 4 changed for Michelin camper proper stuff but can't get them for another day.
So back at the free aire at Arras again to wait. To pass the time I thought I heard Angie (bubble) mention strip cribbage. Well I tell you I thought the phyllisan had kicked in early but I thought I would go along with the plan. Funny enough she had mentioned Spanx earlier that had caught my attention. Out came the board and she said. Do you want to go up the inside and down the outside, steady on old girl I said to which I got a withering look. She cut the pack and said. Are we going to have one for his knob, well when I got up to close the blinds she said what the hell are you doing complete with another withering look..... How do you girls manage that so well....
I noticed she was indicating the upturned jack on the pack so I thought why is she doing this to me, and then I remembered it was to get me back for earlier in the day trolling around Arras.
This was where she had mentioned Spanx whilst looking in a clothes shop window and I had a spring in my step... I found out that I had trodden on it earlier and it had caught in my shoe, anyway after removing it we carried on round the square and on passing a swish restaurant. Bubble says. Ooh that smells absolutely delicious and flutters her eyelids at me. Well I thought after carrying on for a few more steps...maybe I don't take her out enough so today I'm going to treat I let her walk past it again. C'est la vie
If you can't laugh when you are having a breakdown...when can you. Xxx