The dreaded Dentist

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I was dreading the worst but it was ok, the dentist never hurt me once, apart from when I had to go and pay the bill at reception.
I had two very small filling done; both were filled with a cosmetic filling the sort that looks like your own teeth colour.
Twenty-nine pounds it cost, I was in the chair for about twenty minutes.
The dentists waiting room was empty when I had arrived apart from a lady who had one of those metal walking sticks with her, I would say she was in her early forties.
We started to chat after a short time to bide away the minutes before one of us would be called in to the chair.
She was very talkative and told me more or less her life story, how she had been around the world with her abusive husband whom she isn’t married to any more.
She told me how she had smashed her skull on a curbstone when she accidentally fell, and how near she came to being dead.
She said it was touch and go if she would make it through the operation, she even insisted I touch her head to feel the metal plates that the doctors had used to stop her brain from falling out.
I felt right sorry for her, she must have had a nightmare of a marriage living with a husband who constantly told her she was useless and she ought to have died on the operating table.
I never enquired how long she was marriage to him but from what she told me I would guess about twenty years.
Did I tell you a few weeks ago my computer refused to boot but before that happened I had down loaded all my pictures off my hard drive?
I thought I had, it turns out I hadn’t.
I don’t know how it happened but about twenty folders worth of photos were lost.
I had downloaded my entire picture collection onto four CD discs, one disc only had empty folders on, and how they became empty, I haven’t the foggiest.
The three other discs’ were fine, the folders on them were full.
I’m not upset anymore just disappointed that I have lost all the pictures I took of the restoration of the bungalow I’m in and many more of the touring holidays I have had when I was living on my own.
I have no record now it’s all gone; I’m only left with the memories.

Bip. :thumb:
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