The day after malvern

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You spend days getting ready for the trip (well we do) and spend 3 hours setting up camp and another 3 hours breaking it down.

You add up what you spent and see how much poorer you are. You look at all the items and say I could not have spent that much surely? You plan to beat the Sunday night traffic and leave late the following morning, then everyone else has the same idea. Mind you I did not line up for 2 hours this time worked my way round to the brown gate and only had two motorhomes in front of me.

Easy beat the system so I thought.

Travel time should have been say 3 hours 30 minutes, but took around five and half hours. The saterlite decided to take me back a different route (should have checked the map) added 35 miles via Swindon on the M4 (I wanted to use the A40 / M40) anyway I would ignore the saterlite and not go all the way down to the M25... I headed of across country to Bracknell .. bad idea.. joined a long line of others and instead of 15 minutes it took an hour due to work on a round about.. all the cones and few men working (as normal)... then the M25 40 mph lights flashed up and the dreaded warning sign of Q a head... so I diverted off at Riegate and headed across country and got home just after 5 p.m. to Tunbridge Wells.

Then the dreaded un load... fridge emptied, binds down, tidy up, empty the black tank.. boy we did a lot in 4 days...two trips with the dump unit. Unloaded the trailer (two scooters (one broken in parts to put back together again) and a wheelchair. You know what I mean.. another couple of hours of work.. then to find the chinese shop shut (Monday) so it was fish and chips. A few hours TV to unwind and bed.

This morning it is back on the van to do a few snagging jobs and to put those loverly Indian chest bones on the bulkhead so they are displayed to there best. Now I know why I am so poor this morning it was all the things I purchased that I did not really need, but we do it every time. Like the 10 spark plugs. The wifes silver necklass, tent pegs, waiste coat and a hundred other things... oh hell that is camping for you.

Plus we meet some of the members of the group at last.
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