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I am posting my reasons for moving to France on here rather than the fishing thread on the forum where some of the comments are beneath contempt.

One of our reasons is that we live in a static. In England a static has a "life" after which you upgrade at great cost or move off. This is not the case where we are going so we will feel more settled.
The area we are moving to is beautiful and as walkers is heaven to us.
The Aires in France are fantastic, go anywhere no need to book and often nowt to pay.
The area we are going to is in the country where manners and consideration for others is the norm, unlike here as can be seen from some of the comments on the forum.
We will be fully integrating into the French system, paying habitation tax and French income tax so we are not leeching, rather making a contribution to the lifestyle we are moving for. :thumb:
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