T minus 42 hours and counting...

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In a little under two days I'll be getting a lift from my lovely (and long-suffering!) in-laws and collecting our first motorhome, a 1998 Pilote Galaxy 25S. When I enquired about the 's' on the end of the name, I was told that it stood for 'super', and that's more or less how I feel right now... if super means nervous, excited and worried!

It's been a week of no sleep, reading everything I can to prepare for the new arrival, worries about insurance, and whether the van would even be roadworthy after the habitation check and dealer's MOT. I needn't have worried, the insurance is half the price of my car policy, and the van has passed all it's checks. A relief on a 13 year old vehicle. There's only 50,000 on the clock and it's been so well looked after it looks brand new.

I have no idea if I'm young to be craving a motorhome. I'll turn 38 in a few days time and the van has become a kind of long-awaited birthday present, fulfilment of years of passive drooling.

I lived in London for ten years before moving up to Cheshire in 2010 to be with my better half, so never bothered with learning to drive. Of course, having escaped the smoke I'm learning how the rest of the country has to do things, and got a car (and requisite licence to feed her!) in short order. All in all though, I've been driving for a little over a year, and though fairly relaxed about it, (and hopefully competent and considerate!) I can't help but be a little nervous about stepping from a 1 litre Polo to a 2.5 turbo injected beast of a diesel van. I'll be leaping from something you could lift with a few friendly rugby players (guilty!) to a three ton monster!

My interest in Motorhomes has always been there, along with a curiosity about boating too. It's something that has always been ticking away in the background and goes back to my childhood when I would watch, fascinated as we'd pass (or be passed by!) MoHo's on the motorway. Where could they be travelling to? What might the interiors look like? What would it sound like from the inside when it rains?

More recently, I've found much of my day to be spent writing in coffee shops and pubs (Sometimes I even get some writing done!), and wondered what it would be like to pull up along some lazy bit of back road where I'd be able to make a coffee for myself and write all day with nothing to bother me but cows and the odd bird.

I even tried it in my little car, propping a laptop on my legs in the passenger seat and tapping away for a bit. Not comfortable I have to say, but the surroundings were what I craved.

Perhaps it's a city-boy thing.

At Midday on Monday the 2nd, I'll find out for sure. I'm certain that the first drive home in it will be interesting, and I'm ready for a bit of mild adventure, if only for brewing coffee while I write. We might even try a holiday!

And I found out what the 's' really meant. An upgraded sunroof, some curved overhead cupboards and a swivel loo. Super indeed!
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