T minus 22 hours and counting...

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I didn't sleep much last night. My head was trying to figure out how much electricity the van will use off the grid. Not that I plan to be without an electrical hook up for any length of time, or indeed have ever used the term 'off the grid' before in my life, but my sleepy head doesn't seem to know that.

I've been spending most of the time I should be finishing off a novel, hunting down MoHo information online. There're a few books out there for new owners but the ones I have ordered haven't arrived yet. There's precious little information about some of the less interesting parts of new van ownership too. I know it's not pleasant, but I kinda need to know how the loo is emptied, and what to do with grey water and refuse.

The dealer spends time with new owners to get them used to the van and make sure we know where everything is, so I'm confident that by this time tomorrow I'll either be more confused than ever, or a newly-minted expert at where the gas goes, and what the dozen or so little black buttons do on the control panel by the door.

I digress. What I mean by all this is that I've spent the last week going through forums and blogs, websites and youtube videos, sucking in any and all information about my new purchase that I can. It's not surprising really that I'm dreaming about campervans too.

Anticipating the new arrival, we've been making some changes in the house as well. The Galaxy is 2.2 metres (sorry - that's meters in American!) wide, which means that part of the hedge on either side of the drive entrance has had to go. What fits snugly on a VW Polo will rip mirrors off the van. It's a good opportunity to tidy up the garden in general, so we spent the day outdoors - always pleasant for us scholarly types!

There's a drain cover (sewer) next to the drive - coincidentally right next to the Galaxy's grey water outlet, so that will serve double duty if we don't empty the tanks (and Thetford cassette) at wherever we decide to camp. I'm curious whether we can use the grey water in the garden however. With potential hose bans this summer, it might make sense to make sure we use environmentally friendly detergents and shampoos etc, and use the water for the garden when we return (assuming we're only away a few days at a time!)

Finally I installed an outdoor (waterproof with RCD) electrical box on the side of the house to charge up the van's batteries. It has its own isolator inside the garage too, and saves cables going through windows overnight.

The last thing will be to install a tap on the side of the garage too, so we can fill with water if we need to. I'm a little concerned about the van's handling with an extra 100 kilos of weight as we leave, so that might only get used if we're on a site without hookup and easily accessible water. I guess we've got all that to learn!
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