Sunday Feb 2010

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The ruby Murray wasn’t three bad, I had Chicken Tondori Pasandra [very sweet and creamy] and my ‘Partner’ had a medium chicken curry with no cream please.
One boiled rice between us, a Pashwari nan, class of water and a Kingfisher lager.
The Larger came short measured so I asked for it to be filled to the pint line.
The popadoms tasted as if they were stale but the pickle tray was good, four separate little trays one with chopped onions the other had mango chukney, the third had a yellow yogart sauce in and finally lime pickle which we both insist on having even if the pickle tray is minus it, I ask for it as an extra.
Total bill £27-80p,
We had to wait quite a long time for the main meal to arrive due to the phone constantly ringing for take outs, the sound of the phone was annoying at times.
They did apologise for the delay but nothing was deducted off the bill for out patience.
I would have given the waiter a tip but considering they tried to pull a fast one with my drink and the constant ringing of the phone I thought bugger them.
I doubt it very much if I will be going back there in the near future.

We didn’t get up until gone ten.
My ‘Partner’ cooked me a fry up for me breakfast.
At about five AM this morning we had at least three inch of snowfall, it soon melted though and by two PM it had more or less cleared.
We went to visit my ‘Partners’ mum who is in a residential home the other side of Alfreton Derbyshire today.
Took her to Matlock garden centre, their coffee shop wasn’t open due to staff shortages so we popped up the road to another garden centre, their staff happen to have made the extra effort and showed up for work.

We got back to mine at about six after dropping her mum back at the residential home and picking my ‘Partners’ car up from her daughters who had borrowed it over the weekend.
We are out tonight, going to a polish club at Sherwood rise, not been before so I have to find the place first….
Lets hope this club is better than the one we went to last Sunday; the dance floor wasn’t big enough.

All for now….Bip. :thumb:
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