alfandM Mar 20, 2012
Well it look's like you've made a good choice, france a great place,a base where from you can move i.e in the motor home and explore what the country as to offer! and you dont start by the high cost of getting over the channel to stat your adventures, like you marianne and I, made the choice and moved over to sweden 9yrs ago and never looked back,moving is good for some and not others,we started out with our motor home with a trailer for our belongings and motorcycle, and toured around most parts of this vast land until we found the right home and place for US. its a great place for touring ``wild camping´´ and being free! sweden is the only country left in Europe, that is in the Law to wild camp , known as the old man rights, and if you like silence and enjoy the walking life its just great!.

So again enjoy what you get out of life in france and hope one day to meet up you both, The slogan of the day``YOU ONLY GET OUT OF LIFE WHAT YOU PUT IN´´ put nothing in so dont expect nothing out, CHEERS have it GooooD Alf :thumb: .