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Would we do it again? Oh yes, we are already thinking of 2 months or more, up the West coast along the top and down the East. The scenery was fantastic!
All the sites we stayed on were good or better, we had HSDPA on our 3 dongles at all the sites. Best site was Grantown on Spey. The best site for views was Bunree by a mile.
We would not use the Clachan site at Killin again rather the main CC site at Killin itself.
Walking was easy at Grantown and Jedburgh. Killin was moderate to hard going and Bunree was moderate to hard.
Loads of very easy walks at Grantown all well marked.

Costs for the month:-

Diesel :- £197.70
Site fees :- £372.40

I will sign this blog off till next time with 1 photo of the mist we saw in the valley on the way home. :BigGrin:

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