Stuck in the mud

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The MH sank into the front lawn last week after I moved it so that the estate agent could take some photos of the house.

I've tried numerous times to get it off, but all I have succeeded in doing is to put the front wheels even further underground.

I posted a message on the forum yesterday and was overwhelmed with help, advice and amazingly kind offers of help from people happy to come over and give me a push (that's pushing the motorhome not me - at least I think that's what they meant).

I popped down to Dickinson's on Canal Road to get some of those tyre grips just after lunch and by the time I got home Dad had turned up. I felt sooooo guilty having my old man show up offering to push. What a guy.

At first we struggled as both myself and my Dad failed to follow the advice given on the forum. Once I remembered the advice about leaving the MH in neutral we managed to drag it out using the Jeep. I was amazed at how strong that car is. A real ox!

Alas, the garden is a complete mess and will need some serious filling-in work doing, but hey-ho, my pride and joy is back on dry land.

It was lucky we moved it when we did as the heavens opened immediately afterwards, and that would have only made matters worse.
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