Still not caught the RAT

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Well, I have this expensive rat trap from B&Q .. £20.. baited so it would get caught so we could release it in the wilds.. read make a present of it to someone else! .. three days on and no rat in the box... I saw him go round it.. sniff and off it went in to the bushes..

Overnight the fox decided to play with it.. heavy item, but he or she still managed to drag it half way up the garden.. baited yet again.. nothing all day yesterday.. RAT must have stayed in as it was a very miserable bank holiday monday - rained all day in Tunbridge Wells. Overnight the Fox again played with it.. I suspect the fox wants the kit kat.. anyway it is baited again and back in place and it is who knows.

We had a very quite easter.. I hate the roads over easter and the fuel costs do not make it attractive to go anywhere, although I do go to my daughters on Sunday managed to top the car file off at 141.9 .. passed a few garages still with no fuel. Yesterday with the rain stayed in a celebrated Ezzie's 6th Birthday... boy time flies since she was a baby bear to the full grown 80 kgs she is today.. who as I write this blog is on the settee as usual snoring her head off.

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