Steam and black dust coming from the cars exhaust.

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Diezel took me for a run and a sniff this morning up at Orchid woods, met two other dog walkers, spoke to one didn’t get near enough to the other to have a conversation.
I know that last statement sounds rather boring but after I get back from taking the van out my dog always has a couple of days doing nothing, its as if he’s catching up on lost sleep.
My partner and I have taken to not sleeping in the coffin above the cab anymore, so that means Diezel my boxer dog is ousted from sleeping under the table and has to sleep now in the space that’s left, basically in the kitchen area, there’s plenty of it but not as cosy as he’s use to, hence, when we get back from our adventures he sleeps for England.

Not had any tickets delivered yet, I heard on my local news station that East Midlands airport is back to normal so it’s looking good for our holiday, if they haven’t come by Friday I shall be on the phone asking where have they got to.

Every Thursday evening we go dancing but not tonight, it’s the AGM instead, we were going but I don’t think we are now.
A friend told us that we ought to go, apparently there are three new candidates who are standing for the committee, these three members have been on the committee before and made a right mess of the club so basically they want us to vote against them getting on the committee again.

Went around to my daughters yesterday to ask her to do us a favour, to ask her to pick us up on the 5th of May from the airport, we land back from Fuerteventura at about eleven fifty post meridian, she agreed with no hesitation, she’s a diamond.
Their family car blew a head gasket the other evening when she was on her way back from her sons football training, he plays for Forest Academy, his dad is a coach.
I’m guessing it’s a head gasket on how my daughter described what was coming out of the exhaust pipe, steam and black dust.
The car is a VW Torage, sorry for the spelling, it’s a diesel with only forty thousand on the clock and only three years old, just out of the warranty period too.
I reckon it’s going to be an expensive repair.
Told her she can borrow mine if she needs transport, at the moment she’s using her mother in-laws.

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