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Very excited today as we finally exchanged on our protracted house sale and hope to take possession of Lenny (Henry the) Hymer in about ten days. We move on Feb 1st possibly into rented lodgings as our intended down sized house in Norwich is not ready yet and we're scared to lose our buyer..the good news is we don't lose our van this way as we were always worried they would get fed up and sell it to someone else. They have waited for us for six months bless em.
So we have had the exciting job of finding temporary digs for uni student daughter Poppy, and a foster home for our grumpy cat for an unspecified period and us having to live in our new van straight off as soon as the money comes through. Luckily our wonderful friends and family on Facebook came up with lots of invitations to stay but as we have the dog - it limits it a bit and we might end up going to an Airbnb the day we sell. (There's an interesting ex world war 2 bunker converted dwelling on a cliff in nearby Cromer that sounds romantic.)
I have had the annoying job of having to unpack boxes that were neatly labelled 'van' and repack into bin bags that can be transported in our little car boot. All very chicken and egg thinking. It's going to end up on the floor of our neighbour's garage anyway and us taking a taxi to pick up Len (Martin doesn't drive now) and finding a nearby car park for our first night. A far cry from packing it up leisurely on our Norwich drive in our new house - hey ho.
We haven't looked at ANY other vans which everyone says is nuts but it didn't seem necessary after seeing this one which had everything we wanted apart from a microwave and a U shaped couch at the back. None of the modern four berth ones seem to have those and generally they are considered old fashioned (not that we care) We will have to see if we can adapt to watching tv from a captain's chair in place of a couch and do without that lovely long back window you get in caravans. People say it takes 3 vans to find the right one but I'm hoping we are not so fussy considering all our lives we have enjoyed roughing it in basic tents. The over riding priorities which convinced us to buy this one is the internal water tank so it won't freeze, the high class Mercedes engine which goes on for ever, the solar panels and the robust security system in place. Hymer seems to be the Rolls Royce of motorhomes in terms of performance and not breaking down often which is what we need at our age (62 and 68)
The age was nine years old and the mileage is low. Apparently it will hold its value if we do need to make a change.
So today we gave furniture away, dropped off more charity shop stuff, emptied a room and shampooed the carpet, ordered a satellite seeking screw in tv for the van, tracked down thermal external windscreen blinds and ordered our winter tyres. Having tried to follow the ins and outs and pros and cons of winter / summer tyres compared to all season ones, we have left it in the capable hands of our trusted local mechanic. (And printed out 6 sheets of discussion from the motorhome forum in case he needed help!) I also bought four tops in a sale from my favourite shop in Sheringham to 'wear in the van' in case I never see any shops ever again or have an address to have stuff sent to!

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