Spain,France,Holland,Belg ium,Germany,Denmark destination Sweden nr Oslo back to UK.

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A. This is our first trip in the new Coachman Concorde. Would really appreciate any useful advice from any body who has done a similar trip.
B. Feel a bit daunted by the length of the R.V (31ft) so need to buy some guide books and maps for our journey that will give suggestions or warnings of narrow roads and low bridges! We have a tom tom but that has already got us into trouble (on our very first drive to bring the R.V home after purchasing it)
C. We also want to cross the ferry from Epsberg to Harwich. We have a long tail end (or overhang) which could apparantly be a problem on some ferries. Any large R.V owners had any problems on this route? And finally.........
D. Could any other Coachman owners advise me on which bicycle rack (2 bikes) to get? We think it easier to attach it on the tow bar.
Well thats it for now. Look forward to meeting some of you on the road:thumb:
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