Sometimes life is tough!!

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So here we are, still in L'Alfas del Pi, the weather is now in the low 30s, and life is very good thankyou!!
On Saturday Debs and I caught the bus into Old Town Benidorm and met up with a couple of the family who we had not seen in far too long, needless to say we had a great time, shared a few beers and Sangris and even more stories.
On Sunday, we went with Sydney, Ruth, Leslie and Little Bob for lunch at Deja Vu in L' Alfas. What a treat, the landlord is a Geordie lad with a continuos flow of banter, he has the place full and in great atmosphere. 4 courses and a half bottle of wine is €9.95! What's more it's good quality and fresh! A must go if you are this way out, but book if you want Sunday Lunch as his well earnt reputation ensures the place is always busy. We then called at Rachel's bar, had a beer each and a jug of Sangria for the girls, €10.50! After a short walk, we ended up in The Station Bar just outside the campsite for several more refreshing beers and cocktails for the girls:confused:
To sum up, a leisurely lunch, a few social beers, left at 13.00 got back at 22.30 and spent around €50 in total!!
We had a "jobs"day today, walked into town, did some shopping then had a Fish Stew with a couple of cheese covered croutons for Dinner.
Top Tip this week, if you are thinking of some fake grass as an external area, buy it here! We bought 12 sq metres at €4.50 a metre!! Bargain, and it is sold at most DIY shops and builders merchants around here!!
Total spend to date, inc Ferry, Fuel, food, drink, socialising, fake grass and various bits that you buy such as candles, washing up stuff etc, transport on the busses and trams is €1645, bearing in mind I have also paid a month up front for the campsite.

Fake grass flooring!! Great stuff

Little Bob, myself and Syd at The Station Bar, we may have been subject to a beer or two at this stage!!:D

Debs and Leslie, at The Station Bar, pre Mojitos and Gin and Tonics!!

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
A light snack and a refreshing drink, Benidorm Old Beach end.


Looked so good I uploaded it twice:LOL::LOL:

More to come in a few days, please feel free to ask any questions or for any insights I can give you.
Cheers all.
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