So why do we have the words on the side of the RV

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'If we had to explain you would not understand' I am told it came from the Jeep advert in the USA, but to be honest we stole the idea from an American 5th wheel unit we saw at a show that was up for sale.

We have had various things on various motor homes such as Giddy Up Go - from the box car willie song, to On the road again - from Willie Nelson (we have that on an American graphic on the generator cupboard at the moment). It makes it more personal and we identify with it.

I have seen some good ones out there as I am sure you have. Such as 'Aventure before Dementure' ... but the best one I have seen is on a truck being driven by a lady that had on the drivers door....'one hundred horses and a moody bitch' or words to that effect. My wife refuses to allow me to have anything like that on the RV. So We have the one on the lower road side locker that says ...'if we had to explain you would not understand' plus the on the road again at the rear road side on the generator cupboard.

So why do we have this need to put graphics on our pride and joy I wonder? I have a wonderful graphic on the rear panel of a couple of Indians on horses, but then being a Winnebago that fits in well, plus Winnebago Industries leave the back panel plan so owners can put grapics in place. I have always liked the Safari campers that have the elephants or tigers on the back, but when it came time to add one to our Winnebago we had to decide if it was going to be Timber Wolves or the Indians.. well the Indians won out. Cost a lot of pennies, but boy it looks good.

Perhaps it is the fact that people do not understand the need to have an American motor home. Sorry to say the items we have on them are many years a head of the UK and European motor homes. .. hence 'If we had to explain you would not understand'

But when you see me about - Winnebago Aspect.. have a look and see for yourself .. we do not bit, and Ezzie is very friendly as well.:thumb:
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