So what was bigger than Ezzie?

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A horse.. yes Ezzie came face to face in a field with a horse in France..OK it was behind an electric fence wire, but it looked mean and backed off then charged towards the fence at one hell of a rate. Put the wind up me, let alone Ezzie who had never seen anything bigger than herself. Ezzie is normally very placid and does not bark very often, but she spun round on her lead and walked backwards barking at the same time.

Since then Ezzie has met cows, pigs and the most interesting to her where the ducks that made a noise at her as they walked along the river bank... Still trying to work out how they jumped in the river and took off. Ezzie does not have a lot of sense that way and thinks she can do the same while attached to me on the disabled buggy.

We went to the vets this week for the booster jabs and the weigh in.. Ok she is still 74kgs. Last year she reached 76 kgs. Only dog I know that likes to see the vet and enjoys being in the surgery. At the moment she is in a full molt and hair everywhere.

Ezzie will be at the Malvern show in a couple of weeks time and if you see her trotting beside the buggy or my electric wheelchair do say hello to her. New subject next blog.
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