So Sunday night was helping police with there enquiries

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Why is it on a Sunday afternoon or early evening I manage when I take Ezzie our Saint Bernard out for a walk I see crime being committed. This is the seond time this year I have had to use the mobile phone to dial 999. Last time it was a street mugging that saw the victim ending up in hospital for a few days and yesterday it was 5 mindless youths robbing the phone box (or trying).

So my 5 minute walk firstly taking Ezzie out and then my daughters Begium Shepherd took most of the evening and I missed the start of the James Bond film on tv...Casino Royal... Anyway at 6 p.m the crim took place and I was still doing the police statement just after 10 p.m and today Bank holiday Monday an early call saying we need more statement and and at 12.15 he turns upto take the statement.

The only good thing is that two were arrested and held in custody over night why they sort out a charge. I was pleased to see someone else also called the police and gave a statement today as well.

I live in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent and it is not the sort of thing you think goes on.. but it does. Nowhere is safe these days it seems.

I remember in the 60's as a youth (went to work at 15 in 1964) we did not have this kind of crime. It makes me wonder why to day? is it the parents that have no control? :Angry:
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