So how come Ezzie turned up?

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Now Ezzie was a bundle of joy (once)... she cost the best part of a set of 6 tires on my American RV. We aquired her when she was about 8 weeks old and has cost me a fortune in vet fees (some insured some not).

It all started a few years back when we lost our German Sheppard. We have had a dog before we were married 31 years back - that is 3 life terms and I should know as a retired criminal lawyer).. I digress which you will find is often if you read my blogs. Anyway we lost the German Sheppard and I wanted a big dog. We looked at various breeds and somehow we ended up providing a home for a 5 year old Saint Bernard advertised in the Loot. Next we had 2 Saint Bernards (a boy and a girl) at the same time. ... who did it? never will we find out as they both just look at you and it is almost as if they are saying .. prove it:BigGrin:

Anyway way a lot of water under the bridge and we lost both Columbus and Yana aged around 10 years. We had rescued them at 5 years old from a puppy breading farm. Yana left our life and a big big hole which my daughter had to fill and along came Ezzie.

Now Ezzie, what can I say about Ezzie. Cow? stubbon? loverable? How can I not give her a bit of the meat on my plate, you know what I mean. Anyway Ezzie gets her turn on the settee.. with her weight and mine we now have volumes 12 to 16 of the Encyclopedia Britannica holding up the centre rail of the frame. My wife says it is nothing to do with her weight.. yes dear...:Wink: Yes Ezzie is big at 74 Kgs and the vet keeps telling me to get her down in weight. Columbus was 94 Kgs and Yana was in the high 60's. :Eek!:

Anyway Ezzie rules the roost, but she is scared of the two cats which nuzzle up to her and make her back down if she wants to pass them in the hall. Big coward she is.

Ezzie, does not eat as much as people think, does not walk as far as they think, but we do do some miles on the electric buggy - 4 miles at Sailsbury each day into town, but normally it is around a mile a day. Big dog and a big heart.

By the way the Saint Bermard Trust has 45 rescues available if anyoine is interested. We help place them when we can. But with Ezzie I wanted a blank canvas and to have the joys of the puppy as well as the mature dog. No regrets. Again if you look at my signature on posts you will see the words....

If we had to explain you would not understand... sums it up I think:Rofl1:
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