Skool lane dental practice Chilwell Nottinghamshire.

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I had to make this appointment if not I would be looking for another dentist.
I walked into the dentist’s reception with two minutes to spare, lady on reception said ‘can I help you? Yes says I!
I have an appointment for ten forty five, the name is Mr Magoo, ‘not really even though sometimes that name suits me.
Take a seat says she!
The reception area was empty; I was the only one seated.
I had sat for five minutes when an elderly lady walked in, she was asked the same question I was asked, she too took a seat.
I had noticed when I walked in that the receptionist was on the phone, she was still on the phone when the older lady walked in, it sounded much like she was having an intimate conversation with a man.
On the waiting room notice board there was an A4 peace of paper pinned up with six drawing pins, it read that there had been 361 missed appointments, which related to 39 hours and 40 minutes wasted dental time, by this time I had sat for 17 minutes, 15 minutes over my allotted appointment time, I felt like saying to the receptionist what about the time I’ve wasted setting here over the many years I have been coming to this place.
I had sat for 20 minutes before I saw the dentist, he asked me to take a seat and said ‘have you filled in the form and where is it? I said what form? ‘The form the receptionist should have given you to fill in, she hasn’t given me a form!
He had a word with his assistant, he seemed not to understand what the dentist was talking about, I thought this is cleaver, this place has gone right down hill since the last time I was here.
I said to the dentist, your receptionist was to busy on the phone to her fancy man to be bothered with any forms, ‘he made a strange grunt, I took from that grunt he knew exactly what I was driving at.
The elderly lady who followed me in a little after me wasn’t given a form either.
The form duly arrived and I signed it only after he had asked some questions regarding my health and if I was allergic to anything.
He found two cavities; one that needs filling the other isn’t to bad at the moment
In total the check up cost me 16 pounds and he never offered to clean my teeth, I insisted they were cleaned the last time I went for a check up, that was over a year ago.
The treatment I need doing is going to cost 45 smackers and I’m booked in for next month, I’ll let you know how I get on the day after I have been.

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