Skegness this weekend.

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I just don’t believe how quick the days are passing.
It’s been twelve days since my last blog. When I was involved with that neurotic site mentioned in my last blog it was an every day occurrence but then again a lot of what I was writing about was about jobs I was doing in the summer months, the winter isn’t a time to be doing things in the garden is it?
This weekend sees the Van out again, this time I’m taking it to Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast for several days, going on the Friday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon.
But sometime before then I have got to give the outside of the van a good clean it’s looking a little dirty what with dark streaks where the rain water has run off the roof down the sides, may even stretch to giving the outside a waxing too.
Bringing back with us my partners nieces they are twins, they have been down there with their granddad for just a week.

The skip on my driveway has eventually been taken away, in the end I phoned them and demanded they removed it ASAP. I can now bring the Van all the way onto the once Garage floor from off my front garden, see pictures below.
Eventually I want large wrought iron gates where the two bins are, but that won’t happen until next year, I have a lot of other projects to complete first, like stoning over my lawn, making a raised veg garden, creating a small orchard and decking the rest of what’s left of the original concrete flooring.

My partner with the help of my credit card has booked us a holiday in two weeks time to Fuerteventura at the resort of Caleta de fuste, its on a half board basis flying from East Midlands Airport in the Hotel Barcelo f Ventura, four star rating.
My son is having my dog for me and I’m having his a week after.
They have just got back last weekend themselves from Devon, they hired a static Caravan, I think it was one of those Sun News paper offers, not to sure though if it was, their kids loved it and the dog did too, my son said the beach’s were great and there was plenty of places to explore with the dog.
Hoping later in the year between jobs to go again myself but this time there will be three of us.

Anyroadup that’s about it for now nothing more to report.
Did I tell you my Picasso didn’t pass the MOT?
I did! ok then I shall sign off then.
In case you had forgot it failed on the exhaust back box bracket, it had rusted, the chap who carried out my service welded it together again..nice man.

Bip. :thumb:

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