Shepton Mallet 1

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Well windy n wet this morning, Off to Tesco for supplies then on to Shepton Mallet.
Pffft the £2 a night CL was useless it is a 1 in 4 hill, the grass was a foot high and it was a quagmire.
So quick phone call and we are now at Four Foot cottage on the A37 about 8 miles fron Shepton Mallet, a place called Hornblotton.
Owner is a lovely bloke who offered us his yard if we wern't sure about the grass. We took him up on this although grass wasn't too bad but for two nights better safe than sorry.
No Pics today as we are on a farm yard with no views.
Not a walkers area this, plenty of footpaths on the OS map but the hedges have closed up and you can't find em or they are so overgrown as to e impassable.
Had a little walk down the lane to the village which is nice. Have to see what takes place tomorrow. :BigGrin:
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